Spokes Split Day Autocross – August 9th, 2020 – Circuit of the Americas Lot H

Announcing a new split day event formation for August 9th intended to help protect the safety and health of participants and event organizers.

These guidelines are also available here: https://www.spokes.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Texas-Spokes-Split-Day-Format.pdf

Split Day Format:

  1. Registration will open at 6pm on Wednesday July 29th for active Spokes members.
  2. Registration will open Wednesday August 5th for non-members that have participated in at least three (3) previous autocross events with any autocross club.
  3. Registration is pre-register and pre-pay only. Payment can be via Axware or direct via Paypal to treasurer@spokes.org . No walk-up registration or payment options will be provided. Your registration will not be valid until payment is complete.
  4. Spokes members with annual pre-pay will be automatically pre-registered for this event. Please be sure to unregister if you will not make the event to open up the slot for someone else.
  5. Competition will be split into two separate “events” with individual schedules: a morning session and an afternoon session. You will be assigned a specific session based on your class. Please review the class list before registering.
    a. Morning session classes: X, STU, STR, CS, SS, EVX, T, STH, SSC, HS, GS, AS
    (and corresponding Novice/N classes)
    b. Afternoon session classes: R, XSA, XSB, STS, STX, BS, CAMS, CAMT, CAMC,
    FS, ES, DS, (and corresponding Novice/N classes)
  6. Participants should make every effort to limit their time on site to only the session that they have been alloted. e.g. Don’t show up at 7am to hang out or help unless you have been assigned morning work, do try to change tires at home if possible, etc.

Split Day Rules:

  1. Waivers can be printed at home and signed. Blank waivers will be available at the gate if needed. Both a Cota and Spokes waiver are required for this event.
  2. Masks are required at all times while on site unless you are in your car.
  3. Members (Spokes or SASCA) with annual tech are expected to tech your own car, please keep the tech line free for those without annual tech.
  4. No spectators. Only registered participants and approved volunteers allowed on site.
  5. No loaner helmets. Please bring your own helmet.
  6. Cars in the paddock and grid must be spaced with one parking spot between cars.
  7. No passengers allowed while driving on course.
  8. All attendees must keep 6’ of distance between other attendees while on site. This applies to course workers also.

All other Covid safety and health guidelines listed here are still active unless superseded by any of the above rules:

Link to print and sign waiver (Spokes):

Link to print and sign waiver (Cota):

Link to print and sign waiver (Cota-Minor):

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