Newcomers Guide

Are you new to autocross, or new to Spokes? Here’s all the info on how to get involved.

What is autocross?

Here is a description on the SCCA website.

Note: You do NOT need to be a Spokes member to participate in our autocrosses, but being a member gets you discounted entry, makes you eligible for year end points and trophies, and more (details below).

How Spokes autocross events work

  • Before the autocross
    1. Car eligibility: Make sure your car meets the requirements listed on the Getting Your Car Ready page. If your car does not meet those requirements, you will not be allowed to compete 🙁
    2. Find out which class your car fits in: Spokes autocrosses follow the SCCA rules for car classification. Alternatively, you can use this intuitive website to figure out which class your car falls in. If you can’t figure it out, don’t worry! Ask in the Spokes Facebook group, or send us an email.
    3. Register online: Spokes uses MotorsportReg as our event registration and payment system. You can find all upcoming Spokes events here. Make sure to register and pay early to avoid ending up on the waitlist or missing out entirely if the event fills up.
    4. Remember to wear closed-toed shoes. If you have an appropriate Snell-rated helmet, bring it, otherwise you can use one of the loaner helmets from Spokes.
  • On the day of the autocross
    1. ARRIVE AND SIGN THE WAIVER. Arrive on site between 7:00am and 7:30am. Right as you arrive, the first thing you will be asked to do is sign the waiver and wear the wristband you are given.
    2. Find a place to park in the paddock area. Remove all the loose items from your car and get it ready for tech inspection.
    3. TECH INSPECTION. Spokes has a NEW tech inspection procedure for 2024. You will tech inspect your own car (we describe everything you need to check on your vehicle on the Getting Your Car Ready page). Once you have checked everything, fill out the online tech certification stating that you have checked your vehicle. Of course, if you need help with tech inspection, we can help! Take your car over to the tech inspection area and the tech inspector will check your car. Note that you must apply the class letters and the number on your car before the car will pass tech inspection. Unless you have magnetic letters/numbers, most novices use painters tape. Make sure the numbers are larger than the letters, and make sure to use a contrasting color.
    4. CHECK-IN. Checking in is ESSENTIAL! Even though you registered and paid online, checking in is mandatory. This lets us know that you are present for the event. You can check-in via the online check-in tool, or by going over to the Spokes trailer and letting the registration worker know you are there to check-in.
    5. COURSE WALK. Walk the course. Get a sense for where it goes; follow some of the more experienced drivers. It is strongly recommended to walk the course multiple times.
    6. NOVICE WALK. Go on the novice walk through. The novice coordinator will not only point out things about the course, but will also give you very important information about working the course (every driver takes their runs in one heat, and works another heat).
    7. DRIVERS MEETING. At ~9:00 attend the drivers meeting where they will go over important information about the event, and also announce the run/work order.
    8. Be on time when it is your turn to work, and have fun when it is your turn to drive 🙂

If this is your first event with Spokes, here is a page with just the important stuff you need to do: First-timer checklist

How to become a member

Member benefits include discounted entry at autocrosses, eligibility for year end points and trophies, discounts from some of our sponsors, and free entry to the year end party! You can become a member of Spokes on MotorsportReg, or in person at any of the events/meetings we hold throughout the year.

How to register for Spokes events

Follow the steps on this page: How to register for Spokes events