Email the BOD, and connect with other members on the Spokes Facebook group.

Apart from this website, Spokes communicates through 3 other channels:

1. Official communication (emails through Axware)

In an effort to ensure that Spokes members receive important communication from the Spokes BOD, e-mails from AxWare will be the official method of communication to members from the Spokes BOD. These e-mails will only be sent to active members who have verified their email addresses in Axware. While other communication methods will still be used to get information to the community, the official method will be the only way to ensure you will receive important messages regarding membership, event registrations, event caps, etc. To ensure you are set up to receive these emails, go to AxWare, and edit your profile to enable receiving email notifications, and verify your email address.

2. Facebook

The public Spokes Facebook Page is where we broadcast Spokes events and info, and the private Facebook Group is where you can go to join the conversations about anything relating to Spokes, autocross, and cars in general. Share photos and videos from events, get answers to questions, discuss which racing sim/game is the best, etc. You can reach out to us by sending a Facebook direct message through the public Facebook Page.

3. Instagram

The Spokes Instagram account is where we post photos and videos from autocrosses, social events, etc. You can also reach us by sending a direct message through Instagram.

Contact the BOD

President Vivek Goel
Vice President Todd Roberts
Executive Treasurer Aaron Prince
Executive Secretary Jason Minehart
Timing & Scoring Michael Martins
Equipment Manager Mat Beck
Tech Inspector John Hale
Worker Chief Nick Gruendler
Novice Chief Jason Kupka