How To Register For Spokes Events

How to find Spokes events

On MotorsportReg, you can find all upcoming Spokes events here: (I suggest bookmarking this page). While we also publish event info on the Spokes website, Facebook, and the shared Spokes Google Calendar, I strongly recommend bookmarking this link to make registering for events super easy.

How to register for events

Go to the page for whichever event you are interested in, and click on “Register now”. Follow the instructions on the page to get registered. If you do not know what class your car goes into, ask us. Additionally, selecting the appropriate PAX groupings can be confusing to new folks, so here is the scoop:

  • N (Novice) – This is an OPTIONAL class for newbies to select. If you choose the Novice pax, you will be grouped with all of the other novices in the results.
  • X (Pro) – This is an OPTIONAL class for some of the most experienced drivers in the club. It is a way for them to compete against each other on index.
  • The next 2 choices (T for “Tire class” and R for “Race tires”) are REQUIRED for anyone running in any of the following classes: CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP, SSP, SSR, CP, DP, EP, FP, XP, AM, BM, CM, DM, EM, FM, FSAE, KM, SM, SMF, SSM. Select T if you are competing using street tires, and select R if you are competing using race tires.
  • The last option is “Double entry for season pre-paid drivers”. See the section below on double entering.

Don’t forget to select your work assignment preference (everyone will have a work assignment, so let us know what your preference is).

How to double enter for an event

Most (though not all) of our autocross events allow you to double enter (i.e. drive twice, work twice, and pay double). Here’s how to double enter:

  • If you are pre-paid for the entire season…
    • Go to the registrastion page by clicking “register now” from the event page, or by clicking “edit registration” from your MotorsportReg dashboard.
    • Your regular/first season entry will NOT be visible in the registration form, and the page may say something about your registration being locked. Don’t worry! Your season-long registration is still active.
    • To double enter, scroll down past the warning and instructions, click on “member registration”, fill out the car/class info, and in the PAX field select “Double entry for season pre-paid drivers”.
    • DO NOT select the “Double enter” checkbox lower in the form.
    • You will have to pay the entry fee for your second registration.
  • If you are not pre-paid for the entire season…
    • Fill out your info for your first registration by following the steps in the “How to register for events” section above.
    • Click on the “Double enter” checkbox below the work assignment preference section.
    • Enter the info for your double entry.
    • You will have to pay the entry fee for both of your registrations.

How to see the events you are registered for, and the entry lists

Your MotorsportReg dashboard has all the info and links: (I strongly recomment bookmarking this page). This page will show you all of the events you have registered for. From there, you can:

  • View the entry list for any event you are registered for
  • Edit your registration (more info below)
  • Cancel your registration (more info below)

How to edit your registration

From your MotorsportReg dashboard (same link as above:, click on the “Edit registration” link on the right hand side corresponding to the event you want to edit. Make whatever changes you need to make in the registration form and that’s it! If the form says that your registration is locked, reach out to us via email and we can help you edit your registration. 

How to cancel your registration

From your MotorsportReg dashboard (same link as above:, click on “Event dashboard” link on the right hand side corresponding to the event you want to cancel. On the Event dashboard page, click on “Cancel registration” on the left side (last item in the list), and fill out and submit the cancelation form. Note that you may see a message on the form saying that MotorsportReg does not give any refunds; they do not give refunds, but Spokes does! As long as you cancel your registration at least 1 day before the event, you will get a full refund. There are no refunds for annual pre-paid registrations though.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!