Spokes Autocross: First-timer Checklist

1. Sign the waiver(s) and get wristband(s)

When you arrive at the site, the first thing you will encounter is the waiver station. For events at COTA, there are 2 waivers and 2 wristbands; one for Spokes and one for COTA. If you filled out the COTA waiver online, show it to the waiver worker. For events at RCCC there will be 1 waiver and 1 wristband.

2. Park in the paddock

Find a parking spot for your vehicle and unload your equipment as well as any loose items from your car. If you know your class and number, put those on the car (either magnets, or painters tape), otherwise you can get help in step 3.

3. Take your car to get tech inspected

If you did not attend the annual tech inspection at the start of the season, go to the tech inspection area and verify your class and numbers are correct with the Tech Chief. You can use tape for your letters and numbers if you don’t already have them printed out. The tech inspector will also check your car to make sure it passes the inspection.

4. Check-in (if you already registered online) or get registered at the timing trailer

Go to the timing trailer and check in with the worker at the window. Make sure you are registered with the correct class numbers and letters for your car. Even if you registered online, checking in is REQUIRED.

5. Walk the course

Head to the starting line and walk the course. Try to get a general sense of which direction the course follows and feel free to ask questions.

6. Meet at the starting line at 8:30am for the Novice course walk

Attend the novice course walk at 8:30am for important information about the course, as well as how the event will proceed throughout the day.

7. Attend the driver’s meeting

Make sure to stay by the timing trailer after the novice course walk and attend the driver’s meeting, where we will go over important information about the event, including the run/work order.