Spokes/RTRT crushes it at the Grenada MS Pro Solo

Another national event, and another strong performance by Spokes drivers! This time the action was in Grenada Mississippi for the SCCA Pro Solo.

  • A Street
    • 1st place: Vivek Goel
    • 8th place: Eric Jones
    • 10th place: Troy Acosta
  • C Street
    • 3rd place: Ricky Crow
    • 6th place: Federico Del Toro
  • STU
    • 1st place: John Hale
    • 2nd place: Luke Williamson
  • STS
    • 3rd place: Justin Harbour
  • R1
    • 2nd place: Tom Harrington
    • 6th place: Jason Minehart
  • Bump class
    • 4th place: Erik Strelnieks
    • 7th place: Eric Hyman
  • L2
    • 4th place: Laura Harbour

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