About Spokes

Spokes is an active autocross club, based in Austin TX, and founded in 1951. It’s made up of a bunch of car-enthusiasts that like to show off their capabilities as drivers as well as their cars.

We hold 10-12 autocrosses a year, on Saturdays or Sundays (depending on the venue). We party together several times a year and many of us hit the road to compete in the bigger regional/national out of town events. We head out several times a year to places like Riverside Annex (College Station), Mineral Wells, Texas Motor Speedway, Lincoln Nebraska for the National Championships, and as well as others. We’re known throughout the country and always do our share at bringing home some hard earned trophies.

Spokes adheres to the rules and classes set by the SCCA with a few extra ones thrown in to suit our local needs. We have extended the classes to include several pax classes (normal classes grouped together) that provide for closer competition.

We have drivers that are very serious about the sport, those who run just for the pleasure of it, and those who just like to hang out with ‘car guys and gals’. Most any car will do; it’s fun no matter what. We have an easy going attitude and never let competition stand in the way of FUN.

Board of Directors

Board Positions are very important seats and provide the greatest amount of input that affect the entire club. They also provide the most amount of work to make the club run smoothly. Participation is the key to any successful organization to succeed, Spokes being no exception! On many occasions the Board members have gone above and beyond the course of duty to get a job done and that is something to be quite proud of. It is vital for the clubs benefit to obtain full support and backing from the membership. Volunteers and a willingness to do a fair share provides the basis for a successful and smooth running club.

2019 BOD

President Rick Martinez president@spokes.org
Vice President Tom Holt vice_president@spokes.org
Executive Treasurer Aaron Prince treasurer@spokes.org
Executive Secretary Jessica Luhn secretary@spokes.org
Timing & Scoring Minh Nguyen timing@spokes.org
Equipment Manager Jason Kupka equipment@spokes.org
Tech Inspector Anthony Oliveri tech@spokes.org
Worker Chief Daniel Sato worker_chief@spokes.org
Novice Chief Eric Lane novice@spokes.org
Marketing/Social Media Vivek Goel marketing@spokes.org

Previous Presidents

2018 Nick Gruendler
2017 Nick Gruendler
2016 Nick Gruendler
2015 Nick Gruendler
2014 Jerry Centanni
2013 Jerry Centanni
2012 Jerry Centanni
2011 Rick Martinez
2010 Rick Martinez
2009 Rick Martinez
2008 Rick Martinez
2007 Rick Martinez
2006 Rick Martinez
2005 Greg Ward
2004 Greg Ward
2003 Greg Ward
2002 Brian Siminski/Tommy Regan
2001 Dan Pedroza/Brian Siminski
2000 Dan Pedroza
1999 Tom Ramey
1998 Tom Ramey
1997 Tom Ramey
1996 Tom Ramey
1995 Tom Ramey
1994 Mike Hesse
1993 Mike Hesse
1992 Bill DeBacker
1991 Ed Gilfus
1990 John Graef
1989 Ward Marshall
1988 Ward Marshall
1987 Tom Ramey
1986 Tom Ramey
1985 Ray Ritchie
1984 Skip Gurnee
1983 Larry Appleby
1982 Joe Roddy
1981 Howard Phillips
1980 Tom Moore
1979 Butch Dennis
1978 Butch Dennis
1977 Dave Howard
1976 Larry Appleby
1975 John Musgrove
1974 Joe Vining
1973 Larry Appleby
1972 Joe Vining
1971 Del Grosenheider
1970 Tony Ball
1969 Phil Gerrow
1968 Larry Appleby
1967 Rod Allen
1966 Jon Hornaday
1965 Martin Grantham
1964 (No Record)
1963 Arthur Harper
1962 Joe McCroskey
1961 David Bland
1959 (No Record)
1958 Bill Estes
1957 Capt. Bob Weaver
1956 Capt. Bob Weaver
1955 Earlton Smith