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Are you new to autocross, or new to Spokes? Here’s all the info on how to get involved.


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Email the BOD, and connect with other members on the Spokes Facebook group.

News & Announcements

The 2020 Spokes Autocross Schedule has been released

Wanted to get something out for everyone’s busy calendars. Dates are confirmed with the venue owners but a couple of contracts are still pending.

A copy of the schedule is available via Google Calendar here:

Jan 11 – Spokes Year End Party
Jan 25 – Spokes Tech Day
Feb 9 – #1 Alamo City Motorplex (SAR)
Mar 1 – #2 Circuit of the Americas – Lot H
Mar 14 – #3 RCCC (Spokes host, SASCA co-event)
Apr 25 – #4 RCCC
May 17 – #5 Circuit of the Americas – Lot H
Jun 27 – #6 RCCC (Spokes host, SASCA co-event)
Jul 25 – #7 RCCC
Aug 23 – #8 Circuit of the Americas – Lot H
Sep 20/27 – #9 TBD
Oct 18 – #10 Alamo City Motorplex (SAR)
Nov 15 – #11 Circuit of the Americas – Lot H

Thrilled once again to be a part of the best autocross club in the country. Thanks for making it awesome!

2019 Autocross season is in the books

November 24th was the final event for the 2019 Autocross season, and it was a well intended event with just one driver shy of 150 entries. The final event results are available on the “Latest Results” pane on the right site of the page. The Year-End-Championship points report is available on Axware here:

October Spokes Rallycross and Campout at Rally Ready Ranch

Rallycross @ RR Event FAQs:

UPDATED 10/17/2019

***Event start time has been moved back one hour***

Since this event has fewer entries and is a full day event, we plan to move the typical schedule back one hour. Tech will be open at 8:45 and Registration will be open at 9:00, closing at 10:00.

Event details:

  • Come out to hang or camp, even if you can’t attend the main Rallycross event!
    • We will be camping on site after the event on Saturday
    • We will be cooking outside, it is BYOB and bring your own food
    • There are very few stores nearby, so come prepared with water and supplies
    • The nearest grocery store is HEB in Lockhart:
  • This is a ‘pilot’ event with Rally Ready, so expect to have fun, enjoy some time at a Rallycross site, and learn a new racing format. We may have some teething issues as we figure out adapting our Autocross experience to the dirt, but our main goal here is to have a good time! 
  • There is no minimum entry requirement for this event
  • The Rallycross will take place on the Rally Sprint course on the north end of the site
    • This course is a little more fast and bumpy than a typical Rallycross
    • Please practise extra caution and don’t drive outside of your limits. While there are few consequences for driving outside of the performance limit of an autocross car on tarmac, driving on the dirt introduces additional challenges.
    • We will post a video of a street car driving on the course later this week so you can decide if it’s appropriate for your car or not
  • There will be another event happening simultaneously on another course, so we will be sharing the site for part of the day
  • Event will be the normal non-COTA Autocross cost. ($25 for members)
  • Expect around 5 runs. Timing is cumulative, unlike Autocross – all of your runs count! 
  • This event is open to anyone, not just Spokes members
  • Rally Ready UTV rentals ($100/5 Runs) are available in the afternoon on the “Woods” course
  • There will also be $5 Fun Runs on the “School” course after the Rallycross is over
  • No outside dogs! There are plenty of awesome Rally dogs to pet though

Car Rentals:

  • There is a very limited number of rental car seats in the Rally Ready cars. Pre-register on Axware for the event and email if you are interested in renting a seat in a car.
  • Don’t be afraid to cruise your local Craigslist or FB Marketplace for a cheap beater that you won’t feel bad about flogging around in the dirt!

Camping Details:

  • We will be hanging out at the Ranch after the event and camping on-site on Saturday night.
  • There are restrooms and running water in the main building, but the camping sites are primitive
  • RVs are welcome, but there are no water or electric hookups (generators are fine)
  • We will most likely have a central hangout spot where we can build a fire

Site Details:

  • The site is located Southeast of Austin. The roads are gravel and it can get dusty
  • Be prepared to get dirty, it may be a good idea to bring an extra set of clothes for after the event
  • We will have a detailed course map up next week, but you can explore the site on Google maps:

Latest Event Result

Spokes 2019 Autocross #11 @ ACM

Upcoming Events

  1. 2020 Annual Tech Day and Membership Drive

    January 25 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  2. Spokes Autocross #1

    February 9 @ 7:00 am - 4:00 pm