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Quick Info About Spokes
  1. Spokes autocrosses cost $26 for members and $31 for non-members (there is a $1 discount for using cash). The entry fees are higher for autocrosses at some of the specialty venues.
  2. To become a member, go here. Member benefits include discounted entry at events, eligibility for year end points and trophies, discounts from some of our sponsors, and entry to the year end party!
  3. A typical race day schedule is like this.
  4. Spokes is the best autocross club in the country (not including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico).
The first 2 Spokes events for 2017 have been scheduled.  Don't worry, we are hard at work to fill out the rest of the schedule.  We will start out the season at CoTA, Lot H.

Alright. We are going to try something "new" out.  As some of you know, Spokes has had an unofficial Friday lunch group that has meets in North Austin. Well... I propose a Thursday unofficial Spokes Happy Hour. This won't be every week, more like once or twice a month. Come hang out, BS/bench race, etc.  We are a social club after all.

For the first one: 4th Tap Brewing @ 10615 Metric Blvd Austin, TX, 78758 @~ 5PM til whenever this Thursday Dec 15th.

Obtober 03, 2016
BOD Elections for 2017
The votes for 2017 BoD positions have been tallied.
Thank you to all of those who stepped up as nominees and if you did not win the election, please nominate yourself again next year. And remember to run against incumbents. You don't have to wait for a position to be vacated.
Your new 2017 BoD positions:
  • Timing and Scoring Chief
    • Mat Peck
  • Equipment Manager
    • Aaron Hachenberg
  • Novice Chief
    • Rob Browning
Race-Day Schedule
  • 7:30-8:30AM Vehicle TECH INSPECTION open. All vehicles must pass tech inspection before they will be allowed to run.
  • 8:00-9:00AM REGISTRATION open. Pre-registered folks must check-in. Work/run assignments will be announced at drivers meeting.
  • 9:00-9:15AM LATE REGISTRATION open. Registrations accepted for an additional $5 charge.
  • 8:30-9:30AM COURSE OPEN for walking.
  • 9:15-9:30AM NOVICE WALK-THRU.
  • 9:40AM Mandatory Drivers Meeting at the timing trailer.
  • 9:50AM First Heat Cars To Grid, First Heat Workers to Report.
  • 10:00AM First Car out.
  • Generally a full day affair. Depending on turnout there may or may not be a lunch break.
The following business entities support Spokes through sponsorships and member benefits. Please support them by giving them your business!

Eagle Transmission

Eagle Transmission

Spokes members enjoy the following benefits! Should you need a simple repair (clutch job, fluid replacement etc.) then you get a 20% discount on parts and labor. If it is a larger job like a transmission overhaul, then you get a 15% discount up to $350 off.

Automotive specialist

Spokes members get a 10% discount on most services!


How to Become a Sponsor

Texas Spokes has a variety of Sponsorship Packages available to help your business get the visibility it needs. We can also customize programs as needed to match your goals and budget. Please contact our Executive Treasurer, at treasurer@spokes.org for more details.

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Club Meetings

Next Meeting:
TBD after first 2017 event

Club Meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday or Wednesday following an event unless otherwise stated. The meeting locations usually alternate between a North location and a South location.

The meetings begin at 8 but typically, people arrive between 7 and 8 for social time.

Upcoming Events
Spokes Tech Day and Membership Drive
Winding Road Racing
Spokes Event #1
@ Circuit of the Americas, Lot H
Spokes Event #2
@ San Antonio Raceway
Past Events
Spokes Year End Party
Petrol Lounge
Spokes unofficial Happy Hour
@ 4th Tap Brewing

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