GREAT performance by Spokes drivers at Nationals

What an incredible year for Spokes and Sasca drivers at the SCCA Pro Solo Finale and Autocross Nationals 2018! All told, we brought home a grand total of 24 trophies!

2 Pro Solo Championships (Vivek Goel 1st in AS, Erik Strelnieks 1st in S1)

3 Autocross Championships (Todd Roberts 1st in DP, Javier Reynoso 1st in DS, Stephanie Reynoso 1st in DSL)

8 podium finishes (Vivek Goel 3rd in AS, Troy Acosta 3rd in R2, John Hale 2nd in STU, Eric Jones 3rd in DS, Laura Harbour 2nd in HSL, Jay Cryderman 3rd in STP, Ward Marshall 2nd in DP, Erik Strelnieks 2nd in SM)

10 other trophy finishers (Andy Hollis 7th in SS, Rick Martinez 8th in AS, Troy Acosta 13th in AS, Ricky Crow 4th in CS, Zack Baumgardner 7th in DS, Brian Burdette 6th in FS, Jeff Warden 5th in STU, Ian Marshall 5th in DP, Eric Hyman 7th in SM, Jason Minehart 4th in EM)

And to top it all off, Steve Hudson was awarded the Solo Cup.

This is among the best overall seasons we have ever had. Great work by everyone!

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