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Quick Info About Spokes
  1. Spokes autocrosses cost $26 for members and $31 for non-members (there is a $1 discount for using cash). The entry fees are higher for autocrosses at some of the specialty venues.
  2. To become a member, go here. Member benefits include discounted entry at events, eligibility for year end points and trophies, discounts from some of our sponsors, and entry to the year end party!
  3. A typical race day schedule is like this.
  4. Spokes is the best autocross club in the country (not including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico).
Spokes Team Challenge 2016

Rules & Procedures: http://www.spokes.org/teamchallenge.php

Scores & Standings: Google Spreadsheet


Team 1:
-team name-

Mike Jankowski
Jeff Chesnut
Harrison Haake
Todd Roberts
Team 2:
Coning Them Softly

Harry Vannell
Mat Beck
Clay Brubaker
Jerry Centanni
Team 3:
Squid Wheelies

Patrick Bennett
TJ Loughry
Luke Williamson
Jason Kupka
Team 4:
Luck of the Draw

Dennis Hunsberger
Anthony Oliveri
Nick Becker
Matt Leach
Team 5:
Slowman and the Banjo Bolts

Blake Allen
Justin Turk
Michael Naydeck
Chris Belsjoe
Team 6:
Alex and the Cone-O-matics

Alex Petrus
Dan Difeo
Rob Browning
Thom Hardy
Team 7:

Jon Krystinik
David Stekoll
Todd Newton
John Hale
Team 8:
The Big Richards

Daniel Sato
Brandon Garcia
Evan Slate
Vivek Goel
Team 9:
-team name-

Chris Lupton
Derek Penner
Jeff Warden
Kevin Coyne
Team 10:
Misery Machines

Jeff Petrus
Andrew Malkin
William Motley
Michael Willman

Participating Drivers (ordered by PAX ranking)

  1. John Hale
  2. Jason Kupka
  3. Vivek Goel
  4. Jerry Centanni
  5. Todd Roberts
  6. Michael Willman
  7. Matt Leach
  8. Evan Slate
  9. Rob Browning
  10. Luke Williamson
  11. Andrew Malkin
  12. Michael Naydeck
  13. Jeff Warden
  14. Kevin Coyne
  15. Thom Hardy
  16. Jeff Chesnut
  17. Chris Belsjoe
  18. Mat Beck
  19. Clay Brubaker
  20. TJ Loughry
  21. William Motley
  22. Todd Newton
  23. Nick Becker
  24. Harrison Haake
  25. Anthony Oliveri
  26. Dan Difeo
  27. Justin Turk
  28. David Stekoll
  29. Brandon Garcia
  30. Derek Penner
  31. Jeff Petrus
  32. Chris Lupton
  33. Daniel Sato
  34. Jon Krystinik
  35. Alex Petrus
  36. Blake Allen
  37. Dennis Hunsberger
  38. Patrick Bennett
  39. Harry Vannell
  40. Mike Jankowski
Club Meetings

Next Meeting:
11/21/2017 @ Winding Road Racing, 2500 McHale Ct #100A, Austin, TX 78758

NOTE: Winding Road moved recently so this is further back towards K1 now.

Club Meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday or Wednesday following an event unless otherwise stated. The meeting locations usually alternate between a North location and a South location.

The meetings begin at 8 but typically, people arrive between 7 and 8 for social time.  Remember WRR is BYOB and Bring Your Own Food.

Upcoming Events
Year End Party
Petrol Lounge
Past Events
Spokes event last (or number 10)
@ San Antonio Raceway
Spokes and SASCA joint event #8
River City Community Church
2017 Autocross #6
@ San Antonio Raceway

Events Archive

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