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Quick Info About Spokes
  1. Spokes autocrosses cost $26 for members and $31 for non-members (there is a $1 discount for using cash). The entry fees are higher for autocrosses at some of the specialty venues.
  2. To become a member, go here. Member benefits include discounted entry at events, eligibility for year end points and trophies, discounts from some of our sponsors, and entry to the year end party!
  3. A typical race day schedule is like this.
  4. Spokes is the best autocross club in the country (not including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico).
Spokes Team Challenge

2016 Team Challenge Page

Previous Team Challenge Winners

What is it?

The Spokes Team Challenge is a completely voluntary team competition in which teams battle to have the best average performance (among team competition participants) to score points that accumulate towards a season championship.

What is the point of this? Why are we doing this?

There are multiple reasons...
  1. Team competition builds friendships, gets new people more invested in the club and this sport, and aids their development. Those of us that have been around the sport for a while know that people may join for the racing, but they stay for the people. Getting new people into the fold is a good thing.
  2. It helps all of us get more invested in helping each other improve. Newer members will benefit from the assistance of more experienced team members. And veterans will likely also benefit because teaching/coaching helps them improve too.
  3. Without disrupting the flow of an autocross, this adds another dimension of competition!

How does it work? [updated for 2016]

Teams will compete against each other with each team member trying to perform better than their own past average performance. In other words, the team challenge rewards improvement, no matter what your skill level is. Points will be awarded for each event, and will accumulate over the season. We will build in the facility to drop a certain number of events per season, so teams will be able to drop events at which they scored poorly. At the start of each season, we will announce how many events will count towards the championship.

For the 2016 season, the team challenge will cover events #3 to #11 (9 events). Each team's top 7 finishes will count towards their score (2 drops).

How much does it cost? And what do I win?

It is FREE, and the winning team will get a trophy befitting a team championship.

How will teams be formed? [updated for 2016]

Each teams will have 4 members, and will be selected using a serpentine draft. This is best explained with an example. Imagine that 20 people want to sign up for the team challenge, so with 4 members per team, this means we will end up with 5 teams. We will rank all of the 20 interested people based on their recent PAX finishes and make a list from 1st to 20th. The bottom 5 people (in this example positions 16 to 20) will begin the draft process by selecting others from the list for the "first round". Unlike previous years, the person who is making the current selection will NOT want to pick the highest ranking driver available. Rather you will want to pick the person you think can make the greatest improvement over the season. The 16th position participant will have the 1st pick, followed by the 17th position participant, and so on. When each of the bottom 5 has selected 1 person (i.e. round 1 is complete), the order is flipped for round 2, and position 20 makes the first selection for round 2, followed by position 19, and so on. Round 3 works just like round 1. This maximizes the chances of making the most evenly matched teams as possible.

Can teams make substitutions?

While we allowed substitutions in the past, the new rules and scoring system (2015+) makes substitutions unnecessary.

How will points be scored? [updated for 2016]

Points will be scored by taking the average of each team member's percentage increase/decrease over their previous PAX performance average. For example, let's assume that a team consists of members with PAX point averages of 98.2, 94.4, 89.7, and 80. At a particular autocross, if those members score 100, 93, 90, and 82 pax points, then each member's percentage increase/decrease is calculated (for example 100/98.2 = 1.02), and is averaged for the team. Teams will score points based on ranking compared to the average of other teams at that event. The point system is 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for the first 10 teams, and 0 for all teams thereafter.

If a team has members missing for an event, then the team will be awarded a fraction (10% less per missing member) of the average of the remaining members. So for example, if 2 members are present, the team receives 80% of their average. This way, a team takes a slight hit for the missing member, but can still compete and be in the hunt and score points accordingly! If all members of the team are absent, the team will score 0 points for the event.

Other Rules

  1. Double entry runs will not count towards competition (obviously).

Previous Winners

2015: Team Flattastic 4
2014: Team Rolling Thunder
2013: Team Japanese Muscle

Club Meetings

Next Meeting:
11/21/2017 @ Winding Road Racing, 2500 McHale Ct #100A, Austin, TX 78758

NOTE: Winding Road moved recently so this is further back towards K1 now.

Club Meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday or Wednesday following an event unless otherwise stated. The meeting locations usually alternate between a North location and a South location.

The meetings begin at 8 but typically, people arrive between 7 and 8 for social time.  Remember WRR is BYOB and Bring Your Own Food.

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@ San Antonio Raceway
Spokes and SASCA joint event #8
River City Community Church
2017 Autocross #6
@ San Antonio Raceway
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River City Community Church

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