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Quick Info About Spokes
  1. Spokes autocrosses cost $26 for members and $31 for non-members (there is a $1 discount for using cash). The entry fees are higher for autocrosses at some of the specialty venues.
  2. To become a member, go here. Member benefits include discounted entry at events, eligibility for year end points and trophies, discounts from some of our sponsors, and entry to the year end party!
  3. A typical race day schedule is like this.
  4. Spokes is the best autocross club in the country (not including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico).
Novice Info

Spokes has a very aggressive Novice program. At our autocrosses, please refer to the Novice Coordinator. They organize and help put together instructional sessions for novices at our events. If you don't know something, just ask them or anybody on the Board. Please come up and ask questions if you have any. It's the only way to learn how this sports is done.

For addition information on autocrossing, classing etc, browse through this web site. In addition: here are some helpful sites to check out!

Some quick guidelines:

  • Show up to events with plenty of time before the first car out. Registration is from 7:30-9:00. Please don't show up at 8:55, unless it's unavoidable.
  • Listen to folks at the drivers meeting.
  • Always check to make certain your class is properly display on your car. If you don't know which class you are in, ask.
  • Always check the registration listing following the drivers meeting. This can catch any classing or name errors.
  • Be careful, and always pay attention to cars on course. Do not turn your back to them...ya never know!
  • If you don't know something , ask.

See the check list below for more information about what to do on event day!

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New to Autocross?

If you're new to autocrossing or just have some questions regarding what to do to prepare for an event, then read on! First of all, please be aware that autocrossing will very likely take ALL DAY! In order to participate, you need to be willing to devote nearly all of the daylight hours to it. Below is a checklist of helpful items to follow...

  • Pre-register online at http://www.spokes.org ahead of time (if possible)
  • Arrive to the site with plenty of air in your tires (typically max. recommended pressure because it's easier to release air than to put it in, especially if you don't have a compressor or air tank). Once you get to the site, ask experienced autocrossers what pressures they'd recommend for your car
  • Secure a pit spot, taking only as much space as you need
  • Drive your car to Tech to get it inspected, unless you already have a yearly Tech sticker. You need to get your car inspected before proceeding to registration
  • Proceed to registration (typically near the van) to register and get your work assignment from the Worker Chief
  • Walk the course. Follow or walk with more experienced drivers, if you need assistance. Everyone is willing to help!
  • Novices are welcomed to join in the Novice Walk-Through with our Novice Chief just prior to the Drivers Meeting
  • Attend the Drivers Meeting which is scheduled to start at 9:45 or at the end of the Novice Walk-Through
  • Pay attention to the heats that are running and preparing to run so that you report on time (or early!)
  • Our schedules can be inconsistent due to different numbers of drivers in each heat. When you venture off for lunch, please hurry back so that you do not miss your runs or your work assignment. The best plan is to bring your lunch and drinks with you from home
  • If the event finishes early enough and there are enough people still on site, we will present trophies at the site. Otherwise, they will be presented at the meeting following each event
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If all else fails...
If all else fails, show up at 7:30am and say: "I'm new, where is the Novice Coordinator?"
Club Meetings

Next Meeting:
11/21/2017 @ Winding Road Racing, 2500 McHale Ct #100A, Austin, TX 78758

NOTE: Winding Road moved recently so this is further back towards K1 now.

Club Meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday or Wednesday following an event unless otherwise stated. The meeting locations usually alternate between a North location and a South location.

The meetings begin at 8 but typically, people arrive between 7 and 8 for social time.  Remember WRR is BYOB and Bring Your Own Food.

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